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Brookline’s Not Getting a Worthy Kitchen After All

The popular Vermont restaurant ran into road blocks with the building

Worthy Kitchen, Woodstock, Vt.
Worthy Kitchen

Another restaurant planned for 202 Washington St. in Brookline Village has fallen through: Worthy Kitchen won’t be opening there after all, reports Boston Restaurant Talk.

The original Worthy Kitchen, a “farm diner,” opened in 2013 and is located in Woodstock, Vermont, as previously reported; its big sibling Worthy Burger opened a year earlier in South Royalton, Vermont. Worthy Kitchen serves burgers, sandwiches, poutine, wings, salads, and more, all with a strong focus on local ingredients, plus plenty of craft beer.

Boston Restaurant Talk cites problems with the building as the main reason for the failure of the Brookline plans, and this isn’t the first restaurant to try to open there. Previously, Washington Square Tavern alum Chris Cronin intended to open Project 202 in the same space.

The Brookline Worthy Kitchen was supposed to seat 72 inside and would potentially have had a 40-seat roof deck as well. While the menu would pay homage to the Vermont Worthy Kitchen, it’d also tie in a bit of the Worthy Burger menu as well.

As executive chef Jason Merrill previously told Eater, the Worthy team had been casually considering expansion for a while when some investors in Worthy who own the Brookline building asked Worthy to get involved since the building owners had been trying to get a restaurant in that space for a while. Alas, the space will continue to go restaurant-less for now, and at this time, the group has no plans to try to expand elsewhere in the Boston area.

But in other Brookline Village burger news, a restaurant called Best Burger Bar is still slated to go into the former Middle Gray space at 195 Washington St., as previously reported. It will feature live entertainment and outdoor seating, and cocktail legend Brother Cleve is involved. It could open this summer.

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