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Choco Taco Alert: The Parlor Ice Cream Co. Is Popping up in Allston Throughout August

Lots of cool treats every Wednesday

Parlor Ice Cream Co.
Parlor Ice Cream Co.

The Parlor Ice Cream Co. will be spending a lot of time in Allston this summer: Look for the cart in front of the Continuum building at 219 Western Ave. every Wednesday in August, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Parlor founder Jacqueline Dole will be serving up her versions of Hoodsie cups, Choco Tacos, and ice cream sandwiches, along with a variety of ice cream flavors, including miso corn (sweet corn and miso caramel), vacationland (blueberry and maple), and strawberry sumac (roasted strawberry and sumac).

Dole, formerly a pastry chef and baker, pops up frequently around the Boston area and even as far away as Portland, Maine, scooping creative flavors that incorporate a variety of local products, such as Taza chocolate and Moxie and Polar beverages. This is Parlor’s first weekly scheduled series in Boston proper, and Dole is excited to offer weekly specials and rotate through her summer flavor list.

Outside of the city, she has also been popping up at Tandem Coffee in Portland every Sunday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., and she’ll be at Trillium Brewing Company’s Canton location on Saturdays throughout August. “It's great to have a fixed schedule and get the chance to have regulars,” says Dole.

A few months ago, she successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign aimed at an expansion plan that will include a fancy new ice cream cart (so she can scoop even more ice cream at events), bigger production space (and thus the introduction of pints for local distribution), and other upgrades.

And as for a brick-and-mortar location? Stay tuned. “I’m looking at different locations for a shop,” she says, “just being picky.”

Keep an eye on Parlor’s Instagram, Facebook, or website for updates on upcoming events.

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