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Allston Is Getting Yet Another Ice Cream Shop, and This One Has a Confusing Name

89 C Crepe & Ice Cream will open on Harvard Avenue

77 Harvard Ave.
77 Harvard Ave.
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A section of Allston that has seen a burst of new specialty ice cream shops within the last several months will welcome yet another: 89 C Crepe & Ice Cream is under construction at 77 Harvard Ave. and could open soon, having applied for an operating license with the City of Boston.

The crepe and ice cream shop has been in the works for a few months, and building permits indicate that the storefront, which is a former wireless store, underwent some renovations to add a commercial kitchen, a handicap accessible restroom, and plumbing. Presumably, 89 C will serve crepes and ice cream, though 89 degrees Celsius (the equivalent of 192 degrees Fahrenheit) hardly seems a reasonable temperature for ice cream. 89 C joins a few other recent ice cream additions to the area, including Hi B3ar and Next Door Cafe, both of which specialize in Thai ice cream rolls.

Stay tuned for more details on the forthcoming 89 C, including an opening date. Have any idea what 89 degrees Celsius or 192 degrees Fahrenheit references? Hit up the tipline.

Update, 7/21: We have an answer: A reader wrote in to tell us a meaning for 89C, indicating it could represent the coldest recorded temperature on Earth, which occurred in Antarctica in 1983. It was a whopping minus 89 degrees Celsius, or minus 128 degrees Fahrenheit.

Crepe & Ice Cream 89C

77 Harvard Ave., Allston, MA 02134