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Honeygrow Opens Today in Fenway With Bowls and Bowls of Stir-Fry

Meals on the house for the first 100 customers

A surplus of stir-fry dishes arrives in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood Friday, July 14, with the opening of Honeygrow, a Philadelphia-based counter-service restaurant that takes up the mantle for local and seasonal ingredients. Located at 1282 Boylston St., within the new Viridian development, Honeygrow serves customizable noodle, rice, and salad bowls, ordered through touchscreen kiosks.

While there are some suggested pre-set menu items, like the spicy garlic bowl (with noodles, chicken, peppers, broccoli, red onions, pineapples, and parsley), there are seemingly endless choices, starting with a base of noodles, rice, or lettuce cups; topped with one of a variety of stir-fry sauces; and rounded out with vegetables, protein, and garnish. The menu also has some dessert options: A so called “honeybar” consists of fruit, honey, and toppings like yogurt, chocolate chips, coconut shavings, and whipped cream, and there are cold-pressed juices available as well.

Even as an out-of-towner from Pennsylvania, Honeygrow has a few Boston-exclusive tricks up its sleeve, including a lobster stir-fry on the menu, art from a local illustrator and designer, and plans to raise money for the Appalachian Mountain Club of Boston through sales on opening day.

Honeygrow opens at 10:30 a.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony, and the first 100 customers will receive free meals.

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Honeygrow (Fenway)

1282 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215 (857) 991-1647 Visit Website