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Seven Star Street Bistro Will Close Down in Roslindale

Along with its internal “pop-ups,” Rozzie Ramen and Astro Diner

Seven Star Street Bistro
Seven Star Street Bistro

A Roslindale restaurant that has spawned a few different spinoffs in its six years will close down. Seven Star Street Bistro and its complementary concepts Rozzie Ramen and Astro Diner (which pop up at various times inside of the Seven Star space) will bid farewell to the neighborhood, according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Christopher Lin, the chef and owner at Seven Star, shared the following details:

Seven Star, Rozzie Ramen and the Astro Diner will be closed indefinitely. We are hoping to have a couple weekends of service for Seven Star and Rozzie Ramen. So we can wish our faithfuls a personal goodbye, and get them a last fix of Seven Star. This is a positive thing for our family. Six years ago we opened and have learned sooo much. We learned the ins and outs of a business. We met so many wonderful people, we have grown as individuals and as a family. We have adopted some new family in the many staff members who have helped make Seven Star possible! Our families have been so supportive from day one on this crazy ride and for that we are extra thankful.

This comes on the heels of Seven Star being awarded the City of Boston’s first-ever BYOB license, and about a year after the restaurant created its Astro Diner pop-up concept with pancakes, hash, and so much more.

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Seven Star Street Bistro

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