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Shipping Store/Burrito Shop Prince Postale Closes Down in the North End

A neighborhood staple

Prince Postale

A pack-and-ship store in Boston’s North End is closing down, and its departure takes more away from the neighborhood than just shipping services: The shop’s famous burritos are leaving as well. Prince Postale will end its run at 71 Prince St., according to a post from the owner in North End Waterfront News.

The announcement from owner John Sullivan came on Wednesday, along with some reminiscences from running the store over the years. “My landlord has been extremely good to me by allowing me the opportunity to be on Prince Street. I am forever thankful,” Sullivan wrote.

In addition to shipping services, the place served crunchy grilled burritos as well as quesadillas, breakfast sandwiches (on Saturdays), knishes, bagels, coffee, and more. “I have made doughnuts and crumb cake to near perfection,” Sullivan wrote in his announcement of the closure.

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