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Get Ice Cream Delivered Because It’s Too Hot to Walk to the Store

Best options for frozen deliveries

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Scoop N Scootery sundaes
Scoop N Scootery sundaes
Scoop N Scootery/Instagram

There are few things better during a heat wave than a massive scoop (or three) of ice cream, eaten relatively quickly to stave off inevitable slow, melty drips. With temperatures in the 80s and 90s this week, freezers around the city are running on overdrive to keep the ice cream cool, and a handful of places have measures in place to help ice cream lovers beat the heat in more ways than one. Here are a few different ways to get your hands on a nice cold scoop of your favorite flavor, without trekking through the heat.

Gracie’s Ice Cream

This shop in Somerville’s Union Square has teamed up with the food delivery service Caviar to help deliver pints of ice cream and sundae kits complete with all the necessary fixings. Customers can order one, two, or three pints of ice cream in a variety of flavors (for $12, $20, and $25, respectively). Those who are feeling particularly decadent can opt for the ice cream sundae kit (also $25), which consists of two pints, hot fudge, whipped cream, and sprinkles, plus a choice of one of the shop’s rotating toppings.

The Scoop N Scootery

The Scoop N Scootery is primarily a delivery service, although it does have a brick-and-mortar storefront as well, offering pre-set and customizable sundaes made with either ice cream or frozen yogurt. The shop delivers within a three-mile radius of its home base on Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, and those orders can be placed online for delivery between 3 p.m. and 2 a.m. Delivery is also available through third-party options like Caviar and Uber Eats, but the Scoop N Scootery cautions that not all delivery companies have temperature-regulated means of transporting ice cream.

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J.P. Licks

Jamaica Plain’s homegrown ice cream shop has locations all over Greater Boston and has partnered with GrubHub, meaning the shops can provide sweet relief from the heat, even for people who don’t live within walking distance. Scoops of ice cream and frozen yogurt are available, but additional options abound: There are frappes, chipwiches, ice cream pies and cakes, and sundaes available as well.

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Ben & Jerry’s

Sure, your corner store may have pints of Ben & Jerry’s in stock, but if you just can’t bear to leave the house, get the Vermont-based ice cream delivered through a third party like GrubHub or Caviar. Ice cream will arrive at your door in the form of pints, cups, or milkshakes, with optional toppings on the side.


Amorino delivers gelato and sorbet via Caviar in 18-ounce (up to three flavors) and 36-ounce (up to five flavors) containers. Flavors include stracciatella (sweet milk and chocolate curls), vanilla bourbon, tiramisu, and lots more. You can even get a waffle to use as a base for gelato. Also available for delivery: macarons stuffed with gelato (12 or 24 pieces), tart slices, frappes, and sorbet drinks.

Cold Stone Creamery

The chain’s Prudential Center location delivers around the Boston area, although if you get delivery, you miss out on the whole watching-the-ice-cream-get-mixed-on-a-cold-stone experience. Delivery options include Birthday Cake Remix (cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, brownies, and fudge), Germanchökolätekäke (chocolate ice cream with pecans, coconut, brownies, and caramel), Mint Mint Chocolate Chip (mint ice cream with chocolate chips, brownies, and fudge), and more.

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FoMu Ice Cream

For a non-dairy option, FoMu delivers pints, ice cream cookie sandwiches, cakes, and sundae “party packs” (with 10, 25, or 50 pints) via GrubHub. FoMu has more than 10 different flavors available, along with eight-ounce sides of toppings, including gummy bears, chai pecans, and brownies. For long-term ice cream satisfaction, the truly ice cream-devoted can even partake in FoMu’s “seasonal pint club,” which works as an ice cream subscription, delivering four flavors to customers four times a year.

Celebrity Pizza

Customers can get more than just pizza, calzones, and subs delivered from this Watertown restaurant: Celebrity Pizza also delivers ice cream. There are multiple flavors of soft serve and even more options of hard ice cream, along with sundaes, floats, frappes, pints, and quarts. All orders can be placed by calling the restaurant.

celebrity pizza Celebrity Pizza/Facebook

Chill on Park

In Dorchester, Chill on Park offers a make-your-own ice cream sundae setup available for delivery. The frozen package comes with two quarts of ice cream from a selection of more than 32 flavors, one sauce (including hot fudge, marshmallow, and caramel), and four candy toppings. Call the store or place an oder with a third party to make your ice cream delivery dreams come true.

Cafe 472

Best known for its frozen yogurt, this Kenmore Square cafe also serves full meals, but when the weather’s this unpredictable, it’s best to stick with the cold treats. Customers can order online to get a choice of vanilla, chocolate, sugar free, or tofu-based frozen yogurt with toppings mixed in.

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The Scoop N Scootery

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Gracie's Ice Cream

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