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Eat Outside This Week (and More Updates)

Rabottini’s Pizza returns, Strip-T’s ends weekday breakfast, and more

Stoked Rock milkshake Stoked Pizza
Stoked Rock milkshake at Stoked Pizza
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Get Outside

This week, patio season returns in full force with plenty of sun and heat. Here are some maps and guides you may find useful:

The End of Breakfast

In February, Strip-T’s (93 School St.) began serving light weekday breakfast, but owner Paul Maslow has announced via Facebook that that is coming to an end this Friday.

Much to the disappointment of the really nice regulars we have met in the morning, I have decided to make Friday the last day we will serve breakfast. This is something I personally wanted to do but unfortunately my body just hasn't been cooperating. We will still be open from 11 am Monday thru Saturday for all your hot and cold beverage needs. I am very sorry, I hope everyone will understand. I want to thank Union Square Doughnuts for providing us with outstanding "doughies" every morning, not only is their product delicious but they are extremely nice people to do business with. On the brighter side, Bill [Nurse, chef] is working on some new lunch items! As always, thank you for your business!!!

The Return of Pizza

After a brief hiatus, the Rabottini’s Pizza pop-up makes its weekly return to Bagelsaurus (1796 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge) this Friday, May 19 at noon. Keep an eye out for new flavors and a vegetarian pie. (Pizza-maker Dan Roberts took a short break from Rabottini’s while his wife Erinn gave birth to a daughter, aka a “Rabo-teenie.”)

A Bagel Renaissance

Speaking of Bagelsaurus, The Boston Globe explores the “bagel renaissance” that has “quietly” been going on around the Boston area in the last few years. Steven Groopman returned to Boston after seven years in New York and anticipated a “major letdown” in the bagel department, but he was surprised to find a “proud new wave of bagel bakeries,” including Bagelsaurus, Better Bagels, Exodus Bagels, and more. Earlier this year, Edible Boston took a similar look at Boston’s burgeoning bagel scene, with writer and “not a bagel guy” Steve Holt finding that there are in fact great bagels to be found here.

One Thing You Should Drink Today

Do you eat a frappe, or do you drink it? Does your answer depend on just how much ice cream is involved? Either way, the one thing you should consume today is the boozy Stoked Rock Shake (technically a frappe; it’s got ice cream) at Stoked Pizza (1632 Beacon St., Washington Square, Brookline) — it’s like a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, but good. And boozy. House-made mint syrup, Ice Glen vodka, crème de cacao, and crème de menthe. A vegan option is available, made with dairy-free Fomu ice cream.

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Strip-T's Restaurant

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