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Goodnight Fatty Gets Permanent Weekend Space to Sell Its Cookies and Bottomless Milk

Enter the cookie oasis through an alley in Downtown Salem

Goodnight Fatty’s new home
Goodnight Fatty’s new home
Photo by Jen Pullen and Erik Sayce

A late-night cookie pop-up in Salem will become a permanent fixture in a new location, as the founders have signed a lease for a space in the city’s downtown area. Goodnight Fatty founders Erik Sayce and Jennifer Pullen have been producing trays and trays of cookies for late-night snackers in Salem, popping up on Friday and Saturday nights at coffee shops and breweries around the region. Now, these recurring appearances will take place on Higginson Square, in the heart of Salem.

The Goodnight Fatty duo partnered with Sperling Interactive (a multimedia production company owned by Mike Sperling) to lease a conference room space, which is accessed by the Higginson Square alleyway behind the building at 10 Derby Sq., Sayce told Eater in an email. The team will prep dough at a rented commercial kitchen space and will be able to cook the dough on-site. Sayce and Pullen had a soft opening in the new space last weekend and will have a grand opening celebration this weekend, with fatties (their name for the cookies) available during regular hours from 7 to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Goodnight Fatty
The Goodnight Fatty team: Jen Pullen and Erik Sayce
Courtesy of Jen Pullen and Erik Sayce

“Patrons brave enough to enter will find smiles and the smell of fatties baking on the spot,” according to Sayce. “They’ll enter through the alley and exit on the other side of the building in the courtyard of Old City Hall, where there is a plethora of outdoor seating and benches.”

There will be three different fatties available each week, along with bottomless milk. This new Goodnight Fatty spot is also located near Ledger, a forthcoming restaurant from Blue Ox chef Matt O’Neil.

“We couldn't ask for a better neighbor in them and so excited to have their investment here in Salem,” Sayce said. “All in all, it feels like perfect timing. We can't help but feel like Salem and our loyal locals are ready to activate our untapped alleyways. This feels like just the start of something bigger for Salem, and we can't thank everyone enough for their continued support.” (Elsewhere in Salem, another alleyway is home to the mysterious Wednesday night Back Alley Bacon pop-up.)

Sayce and Pullen have expanded the Goodnight Fatty enterprise since starting with just $1,200 last September. They now have a few employees and are in the process of building out their own kitchen while they cook out of the commercial kitchen space.

“Our hope is to organically keep growing Goodnight Fatty as opportunities emerge,” Sayce said. “We’re still experimenting and learning to figure out what works — it’s the results and feedback that will guide our future decision-making.”

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Goodnight Fatty

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