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Tufts’ Brown & Brew Coffee House Shuts Down in August

There will be a coffee shop in a new campus building nearby

Brown & Brew Coffee House
Brown & Brew Coffee House
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A popular coffee shop in a historic building near Tufts University will close down in August as the school prepares to open a new spot for coffee within its Science and Engineering Complex. Brown & Brew Coffee House, located in Curtis Hall at 474 Boston Ave., closes following business on August 11, according to the Tufts Daily.

The coffee shop has been around for 20 years, serving coffee, tea, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, lunch items, and more. Tufts is nearing completion on its new Science and Engineering Complex, which will be home to a new coffee spot called Kindlevan Café. Like Brown & Brew, the shop will have assorted espresso beverages and grab-and-go options, plus breakfast and lunch items, juices, and smoothies. The cafe will be connected to an atrium within the new building.

School officials have not yet determined a next use for the building that houses Brown & Brew.

New SEC Cafe to Replace Brown and Brew [Tufts Daily]