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East Ocean City and Chau Chow City Shutter in Chinatown

Each had been around for decades

East Ocean City
East Ocean City
Paul Sableman (Flickr/Creative Commons)

A restaurant in Chinatown that specialized in Cantonese and Hong Kong-style seafood has shut down for good, leaving a vacancy in the neighborhood after nearly 27 years in business. East Ocean City offered full-service dining at 27 Beach St., but its reign has come to an end, according to the Boston Globe, which reported that a note posted to the door of the restaurant indicated a “new venture at this location” was forthcoming.

East Ocean City was affiliated with FuGaKyu Cuisine in Brookline, FuGaKyu Cafe in Sudbury, and Kaze Shabu Shabu Downtown. Owner Edward Leung has not yet shared specifics on the redevelopment planned for the restaurant.

Another Chinatown closure leaves the neighborhood without a longstanding staple. Chau Chow City has also closed, according to Sampan, as the lease on its 83 Essex St. space was up last month. (It had been at the Essex Street space for twenty years and was located on Beach Street before that.) The dim sum-focused restaurant had been around for 32 years, and there is a second location on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester, which will remain open.

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Chau Chow City

83 Essex Street, Boston, MA 02111 617 338 8158

East Ocean City Restaurant

27 Beach Street, Boston, MA 02111 617 542 2504