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Long Wharf Will Sink Into the Sea Before the Battle to Put a Restaurant There Concludes

Yet another appeal is in the works

Long Wharf
Long Wharf
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A never-ending battle for Long Wharf continues as the Boston Planning and Development Agency (formerly the Boston Redevelopment Authority) puts forth a new appeal to open a full-service restaurant there, as Universal Hub reports.

The BPDA reportedly filed a new appeal in an effort to reverse a March ruling that meant the organization would not be able to open a restaurant where a pavilion currently stands at the end of the wharf. The National Parks Service, along with North End neighborhood residents, have repeatedly opposed the restaurant, which the BPDA has pushed for for quite some time, as previously reported. (The first efforts began way back in 2006.)

Technically, the section of the wharf where the BPDA wants to put a restaurant is classified as “open parkland under the Land & Water Conservation Fund Act,” a judge ruled in March, meaning the organization cannot move forward with any plans without the express permission of the National Parks Service.

At one time, the proposed 220-seat restaurant was referred to as Doc's Long Wharf and would have indoor and outdoor seating and harbor views; no word on the latest plans should the BPDA ultimately get its way. The agency has already spent more than half a million dollars in legal fees for this issue.

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