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More Poke Is on the Way to Boston, Landing in Chinatown

Courtesy of an Amesbury restaurateur

20 Tyler St.
20 Tyler St.
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The poke train continues to roll through Boston as another neighborhood prepares for the arrival of the Hawaiian-inspired dish that has turned into a trendy fast-casual dish on the mainland. Chinatown is the next stop for the raw fish bowl, and a restaurateur from Amesbury is behind the new place. The as yet unnamed poke restaurant will open up at 20 Tyler St. Unit B in Chinatown, according to Universal Hub, via Sampan, with Patrick Zhong of Jade III Chinese Restaurant in Amesbury leading the charge.

Zhong’s new Chinatown restaurant received support from the Chinatown/South Cove Neighborhood Council. The restaurant joins a handful of other spots that specialize in the Hawaiian dish. Among those restaurants, all of which have opened in the last year, are Manoa Poke Shop in Somerville near Porter Square, Pokeworks in Davis Square, Poke City in Cambridge, and New Sushi, Inc. downtown. The poke craze does not stop there, however. The dish has also been appearing on menus at restaurants around town, from Little Donkey to Little Big Diner, and Eater is keeping tabs on the growth of this trend.

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