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Bee’s Knees Supply Company’s Supplies Hit Auction

The Fort Point location’s equipment and furniture are up for grabs next week

Bee’s Knees in Fort Point
Bee’s Knees in Fort Point

The end has truly arrived for a specialty goods store and deli that shut down earlier this year in Fort Point. An auction scheduled for next Wednesday, April 26 lists equipment, furniture, and other items for sale from Bee’s Knees Supply Company at 12 Farnsworth St., as Boston Restaurant Talk reported.

The auction marks the end of the line for the business, which was seized by the state in January for nonpayment of taxes. Bee’s Knees also previously operated a second location in Allston, which closed in July 2016 after under a year in business. Initially, representatives of the company suggested this would be a temporary closure, but the place has never reopened, and with the auction at the original Fort Point location, any resurgence seems unlikely.

Wednesday’s auction takes place at the Farnsworth Street storefront, per an online posting from E.F. Smith & Son announcing the sale.

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Bee's Knees Supply Company

12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA 02210 (617) 292-2337