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Zipline Tacos Will Zip Tacos Down an Actual Zipline

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Operating out of Sea Level restaurant in Salem

Zipline Tacos logo
Zipline Tacos logo

A lunchtime taco business will soon spring to life in Salem with a special delivery method that’s sure to please the adventurous diner. Zipline Tacos is slated to make its debut at 160 Derby St. very soon, and no, it’s not just a clever name: Customers will be able to pick up their tacos off of an actual food-delivery zipline.

The brains behind this taco concept are George Carey, Dave Gillis, and Serie Keezer, who also operate the Sea Level Oyster Bar restaurants in Salem and Newburyport (the latter opens later this spring), plus Finz in Salem. Gillis also owns Salt Kitchen and Rum Bar in Ipswich. The zipline will funnel tacos 50 feet from the Sea Level Salem kitchen to customers outside, initially only during lunch hours on Tuesdays.

Here’s how it works: A zipline will run from the second level of the restaurant to a park outside, where customers will be able to fill out a pre-printed card to place their orders by sending the cards up the zipline in a beach pail, along with payment (exact change, cash only) for the tacos. Zipline will offer one type of taco each Tuesday, changing up the menu each week. Potential options include a soft-shelled fried cod taco with avocado salsa, cilantro crema, and a few other toppings. There will be a rotating beverage available alongside the tacos each week, like Hi-C or Capri Sun (be still our childhood hearts).

Zipline Tacos will kick into gear at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday soon; keep an eye on Facebook for the launch date.

4/19, 2:30 p.m.: This piece has been updated to reflect that the previously announced opening date has been pushed back; a new one has not yet been announced.

Zipline tacos
Zipline Tacos

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Zipline Tacos

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