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Pop-up Alerts: Hemp Caramel Froyo Pops; Beer and Grilled Cheese Bites

Put these on your calendar

Brato Brewhouse food photo
Brato Brewhouse food and beer
Alli Caulfield for Brato

A couple spring pop-ups on the horizon:

Nightshade at White Rose Coffeehouse
56 Central Sq., Lynn
Sunday, April 30 with seatings at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.
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Rachel Miller (Clio, Bondir, TW Food) and Kelsey McCallan (Catalyst) are throwing their first pop-up, a three-course meal that may include a smoked mushroom summer roll with seaweed ranch, sunflower, and peanuts; verbena poached tautog with date hollandaise, greens, and nigella seed frybread; and hemp caramel froyo pops with chocolate and bay leaf crunch. (Menu might change slightly by the time the event rolls around.) Tickets are $50, which includes gratuity but not beverages; beer and wine will be available to purchase.

Brato Brewhouse & Kitchen at Dorchester Brewing Company
1250 Massachusetts Ave., Dorchester
Friday, May 12 at 6 p.m.
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As Jonathan Gilman and Alex Corona, both of Cambridge Brewing Company, prepare to open their own spot, Brato Brewhouse & Kitchen, they’ll be popping up around town in various places. Their first pop-up is coming up in mid-May, at which they’ll debut a rustic grain pale ale. They’ll also be serving up house-made sausage and grilled cheese bites.

Dorchester Brewing Company

1250 Massachusetts Avenue, , MA 02125 (617) 514-0900 Visit Website

Brato Brewhouse & Kitchen

190 North Beacon Street, , MA 02135 (617) 903-3766 Visit Website