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Brookline Village’s The Middle Gray Shuts Down Its Coffee Shop

It will continue to function as an art gallery

The Middle Gray
The Middle Gray

A Brookline cafe that doubles as an art gallery and performance space is closing down the cafe portion of the business. The Middle Gray, located at 6 Station St. in Brookline Village, will shift away from providing food and beverages in favor of prioritizing arts and creativity within the space, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.

The Middle Gray first opened in August of 2015, and its menu drew inspiration from South America. In addition to coffee and tea, there were arepas, egg and chorizo sandwiches, and Colombian bread pudding, among other items. With this change, the art gallery portion will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will play host to live music performances, where food and drinks may be served, though food will not be the prime directive of the space. Updates and information on events will be shared on The Middle Gray’s social media pages.

The Middle Gray in Brookline Village Closes Its Coffee Shop [BRT]

The Middle Gray

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