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East Boston’s Cucchiello’s Bakery Will Relocate to Saugus

The landlord apparently plans to replace it with a Dunkin’ Donuts

Cucchiello’s Bakery in East Boston
Cucchiello’s Bakery in East Boston
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A decades-old bakery in East Boston will be relocating to a spot north of the city. Cucchiello's Bakery, which is currently situated at 356 Bennington St., will take up a new residence in Saugus at the Cogliano Plaza on Lincoln Avenue, according to Universal Hub, and the latest intel suggests a Dunkin’ Donuts will take its place.

Michael Cucchiello, who owns and operates the 70-year-old Day Square bakery, attempted to rally the neighborhood to keep the business in Eastie with an online petition in which he shared news of the landlord’s plan to bring in a Dunkin’ Donuts. Despite that support, Cucchiello’s has been forced out and will take its baked goods up the coast to Saugus.

“Leaving East Boston is very very hard for us but we are looking to make some new memories in Saugus,” Cucchiello wrote in a public post on an East Boston neighborhood Facebook page. He said the bakery would eventually look for a storefront in East Boston “to keep the tradition going” but for now would focus on getting the new location up and running to be ready for Easter.

Cucchiello’s is known for serving all manner of pastries, breads, cookies, cakes, pies, pizza, and so much more.


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