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Missing in Action: Bostonia Public House’s Portrait of Former Mayor Ray Flynn

There’s now a hole in the Mayor’s Wall

Bostonia Public House

A downtown restaurant was purged of a portrait of one of Boston’s former mayors this week, leaving an unfortunate vacancy in its patented display. Someone absconded with Bostonia Public House’s framed portrait of Raymond Flynn, according to NBC Boston. Flynn served as mayor of the city from 1984 to 1993 and was situated on the wall between his predecessor, Kevin White, and his successor, Tom Menino.

The restaurant displays portraits of all of the city’s past and present mayors, and the reasoning behind the theft of this particular portrait remains unclear. Bostonia Public House replaced the empty wall space with a framed message that read, in part, “You should be ashamed — all of the other mayors watched you do it.”

Needless to say, the restaurant would like the portrait returned and promises that all would be forgiven if Mayor Flynn were returned to his rightful place upon the wall.

Portrait of Former Mayor Flynn Stolen from Bostonia Public House [NBC Boston]

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Bostonia Public House

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