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Legal Sea Foods Will Add Quick-Service Legal Fish Bowl to Kendall Square Restaurant

A new concept will offer an alternative to sit-down seafood meals

Legal Seafood Kendall Square
Legal Seafood Kendall Square
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One of Boston’s nationally recognized seafood chains will soon dive into the business of quick-service dining experiences, which have been gaining traction around the region. Legal Sea Foods will roll out a new concept called Legal Fish Bowl at its restaurant in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, providing a fast-casual source for seafood bowls in the neighborhood, The Boston Globe reported.

Part of the existing restaurant will be converted to make room, and construction is underway for the switch. When it is complete, Legal Fish Bowl will have six pre-fab seafood bowls on the menu with an opportunity for customization, and dishes will range from $10-15. Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz reportedly plans to use the Kendall Fish Bowl concept as a starting point for a new chain that could include standalone restaurants down the line.

Legal Fish Bowl is on track to open in the spring and will add another quick lunch option within Cambridge’s tech hub.

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Legal Sea Foods - Kendall Square

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