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Juicy Spot Cafe Opens Thursday With Ice Cream Rolls, Smoothies, Juices, and More

It’s the first local outpost of the New York cafe

Juicy Spot Cafe in New York
Juicy Spot Cafe in New York

More rolled ice cream arrives in Boston this week, courtesy of a New York City cafe. Juicy Spot Cafe grandly opens the doors of its newest shop at 16 Tyler St. in Chinatown on Thursday, March 2, and it will celebrate the occasion with all ice creams priced at $5 through Saturday.

Proprietor Lori Eng already operates two Juicy Spot locations in New York: one in Chinatown and one on the Lower East Side. The Boston cafe will feature the same rolled ice cream dishes that have been gaining traction around the Northeast, thanks in part to the mesmerizing process of preparing the frozen treat.

Juicy Spot offers a number of signature ice cream rolls in addition to a create-your-own option where customers can choose from different ice cream bases, fruits, and toppings. The cafe also serves fruit smoothies, cold- and fresh-pressed juices, coffee, and tea, as previously reported. Juicy Spot joins Allston’s Hi B3ar in serving rolled ice cream.

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