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Lookout Rooftop & Bar at Seaport’s Envoy Hotel Will Become an Igloo Wonderland

Drink cocktails outside in protective bubbles of warmth

Envoy hotel igloos
Envoy hotel igloos

Boston finally has the answer to fighting the winter blues, and it’s an idea taken from a popular bar in New York City. Next week, the Envoy Hotel’s Lookout Rooftop & Bar will open up a bunch of plastic igloos that will allow guests to drink cocktails outside without having to deal with the cold weather, as NBC Boston reports.

The heated igloos are lit with neon-colored lights, and with seating inside, they’ll be a place to take advantage of the hotel’s views of Downtown Boston for longer than one wind-swept minute. The six igloos seat eight to 10 people and will officially open next Thursday, February 9. The bar will serve drinks only in the igloos on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., and when the drinks are getting low, someone inside can flip a switch to turn on a red lightbulb, letting the servers know.

The setup closely resembles the one at 230 Fifth in New York, which has views of the Empire State Building and much of the city skyline. The igloos are made from thick PVC to help keep out the elements without obstructing views. Now, for guests at Lookout Rooftop & Bar, the only thing that will be iced is the drinks.

Rooftop 'Igloo' Bar Opens Next Week at The Envoy Hotel in Boston [NBC Boston]

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