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Development Proposed for Site of Harry’s Bar & Grill Won’t Uproot the Bar Yet

The owner has a lease signed for the next three years

Harry’s Bar & Grill
Harry’s Bar & Grill

A proposed development plan for a Brighton building that’s home to a popular neighborhood bar may impact the establishment, but not for a few years. Harry’s Bar & Grill isn’t going anywhere any time soon, according to owner Doug Bacon, who says he has signed a lease for the bar for the next three years.

Developers are working on plans for a new seven-story apartment building at 1430-1440 Commonwealth Ave., with a goal of opening in 2019, according to a recent article from the Boston Herald. Plans reportedly call for demolishing the existing building. “I have a lease and intend to operate this business until at least October 2020,” Bacon told Eater in an email. “I am happy to continue to operate Harry's and have plans to be there until the end of my lease more than 3 years from now.”

Bacon says he has not signed on for any deals to bring Harry’s back to the ground floor of the new building, though there have been discussions about the option.

Harry’s is a go-to hangout spot for the Allston-Brighton neighborhood and is known for getting packed during major sporting events, as well as for its selection of local beer and dishes such as “Irish nachos” (waffle fries topped with cheese and sour cream) and house-made doughnuts (served at brunch on the weekends).

Seven-Story Apartment Building Planned for Brighton [BH]

Harry's Bar and Grill

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