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B.Good Opens in Wellesley Next Week

Another Boloco location swapped out


A Boston-based restaurant chain that specializes in local sourcing marches forward with its latest expansion plan next week. B.Good is ready to open its newest restaurant in Wellesley at 102 Central St. and will do so next Tuesday, February 7, according to the Swellesley Report.

B.Good, which stylizes its name as “b.good,” is in the midst of swapping its concept into several restaurant spaces that were formerly occupied by Boloco, following a change in the burrito restaurant chain’s business plan last fall. Thanks to close ties between the chains, the companies’ founders agreed to have B.Good take over five of Boloco’s restaurant spaces.

Most recently, B.Good took over the former Boloco space near Northeastern, and the chain could have as many as 60 locations in operation by March, as previously reported. The menu features items like kale and grain bowls, burgers, smoothies, and salads, and B.Good emphasizes using local and seasonal ingredients.

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