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Another Pinkberry Falls, and a Juice Bar Will Rise in Its Place

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The Harvard Square yogurt shop is gone

Pinkberry’s former Back Bay location
Pinkberry’s former Back Bay location

A Harvard Square frozen yogurt shop has closed and a juice bar will open in its place. This latest Pinkberry closure marks a slow departure for the national yogurt chain from the Greater Boston area, and it also marks a passing of the trend torch from froyo to juice bars as Pressed Juicery will move in to contend for a piece of the Cambridge juice market, as the Harvard Crimson reports.

Pinkberry has gradually made its way out of the Boston area, with this Harvard Square closure following the shutter of another Pinkberry in the North End last September. The Cambridge Pinkberry opened at 1380 Mass. Ave. in April 2011, as Boston Restaurant Talk noted, and it will be replaced by the California-based Pressed Juicery, which has other East Coast locations in New York. Pressed Juicery will join Liquiteria in serving cold-pressed juice to the Square, as well as places like New York-based Juice Press, Boston’s own Pressed, and so many more shops that have taken up the juice cause in the Boston area.

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