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EvyTea Eyes Expansion and Will Soon Have an Operational Mobile Airstream

Sparkling tea, kombucha mocktails, and more

A tea bar that opened its doors in Jamaica Plain last spring already has plans for growth. Evy Chen, founder of EvyTea, is looking for a location for a second tea bar while also working to convert an Airstream into a mobile tea bar that will be used for events and festivals.

For the Airstream, Chen told Eater she would be able to copy the menu in the tea bar, serving cold brew iced tea, sparkling tea, and perhaps even kombucha mocktails. The goal is to get the Airstream up and running by April or May, in time for warmer weather and summer festivals. Chen said she has a list of events in mind for showcasing the Airstream.

Mockup for the EvyTea Airstream
Mockup for the EvyTea Airstream

As for a new brick-and-mortar tea bar, Chen is on the hunt. She has one location in mind and has signed a letter of intent, but she has not yet signed a lease. Until then, the exact location will remain under wraps.

“The plan this year is to open the mobile tea bar and establish one location and maybe two,” she said. “We’re a little overwhelmed by how much interest and really passion there is.”

Chen launched the Jamaica Plain tea bar last June, debuting her cold-brewed teas that are made without added sweeteners.

“I was not at all prepared for how well it went,” she said. “I wasn’t sure if the city, if Boston, is ready for it.”

The cold brew teas embrace a health-conscious mindset, abandoning sweeteners like white sugar and relying on the cold brew process to enhance the flavor, embracing “the fun and hip side of the tea.”

“It’s been really awesome to be able to build community this quickly. We’re a small business at the end of the day,” Chen said. “We definitely are very appreciative of how the community has supported us.”

Along with the Airstream and the forthcoming second location, Chen has some new concepts in mind for the shop, including a selection of bubble teas. Traditionally, bubble tea has a high sugar content, Chen said, and she wanted to get away from the fat and sugar associated with the sweet beverages. “We’re working on a menu and we’ll have that ready for spring,” she said, and the drinks will feature EvyTea’s own version of boba, chia, and other toppings.

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