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The North End Loses an Italian Restaurant This Month

Maurizio’s will close down before the end of the year


A restaurant in the North End that has specialized in Sardinian cuisine for the last 25 years will close down before the end of this year. Maurizio’s (634 Hanover St.) will have its last service on Christmas Eve, with a special toast to its years in business, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.

Maurizio’s first opened in June 1993. Owner Linda Loddo announced the impending closure in a newsletter, which was shared on the restaurant’s Facebook page. She expressed thanks to her staff and patrons and for the experience of running the restaurant.

I hope you will remember Maurizio's as one of your favorite restaurants. I surely will remember you all as the extended Maurizio's family that supported us throughout our nearly 25 years in business. As I have said so many times before, we could not have made it without YOU.

The announcement goes on to invite guests to visit a final time before the closure. The last service on Christmas Eve will feature several specials, including a Sardinian octopus stew, lobster and crab meat ravioli, and a fisherman’s platter, among others.

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