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More Pizza Changes in Store for Harvard Square as the Just Crust Revises Plans

The restaurant closed for renovations over the summer, and now it won’t reopen

pizza at the just crust
Slow-roasted pork pizza with pineapple at the Just Crust

One of several pizza places in Cambridge’s Harvard Square will not returned as planned following a shutdown for renovations this past summer. The Just Crust pizzeria will remain closed, according to Cambridge Day, with the owners citing an ending lease and an increased rent.

The space at 49B Brattle St. was previously home to an Upper Crust pizzeria. Kevin and Shannon Liss-Riordan took over in mid-2013 after Upper Crust declared bankruptcy, turning the restaurant into the Just Crust. They closed the restaurant for renovations on July 15, 2017, but did not renew their license. The Just Crust’s operations manager, Becky Lopes-Filho, told Cambridge Day the restaurant would not be reopening as initially planned.

This move comes alongside other pizza developments in Cambridge: Washington, DC-based &pizza, in a partnership with New York’s Milk Bar, will eventually open at 1394 Massachusetts Ave., joining a concentration of pizza places in the square, from Otto, Cambridge 1, and Pinocchio’s Pizza & Subs, to the pizza on the menu at Waypoint and Russell House Tavern.

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The Just Crust

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