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Saus to Open a Stall in Somerville’s Forthcoming Bow Market

And this one will be meat-free

Waffle at Saus
Waffle at Saus
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Popular Faneuil Hall-area fry-and-condiment hawker Saus has decided to open up a stall in Somerville’s forthcoming Bow Market, according to Boston Magazine. But the restaurant’s second location will differ drastically from its first because it will serve an all-vegetarian menu.

Co-owner Renee Eliah told Boston Magazine that part of the impetus behind the vegetarian theme spawned from the Bow Market location’s relatively small footprint. The other part was that she and her staff have been toying with plant-based diets themselves.

“As plant-based eating has gained more prominence in our general dining felt like the right time to experiment with a meat-free version of Saus,” she told the magazine.

At its original location, which opened in 2011, Saus serves fries with a wide range of sauces (some of them meaty, such as the bacon-parm); poutine with several gravy options, including a vegetarian one, and a variety of toppings, such as pork belly or kimchi; items like kimchi fried chicken that can be served as a salad or sandwich; liege waffles with sauces; and “frik” — beef and pork sausages inspired by the Dutch frikandel, sort of a hot dog with a texture closer to a hamburger.

Bow Market is under construction at the moment, heading towards a spring 2018 opening. Along with Saus, the Somerville market will be home to a slew of other business, including Remnant Brewing and Jaju Pierogi.

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Saus at Bow Market

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