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Dance Ends Early for 16 Handles in Brookline

The frozen yogurt wave is receding

16 Handles
16 Handles

Boston’s frozen yogurt boom that began a few years back is a mere echo now as shops around the city close down. Brookline is no different: A froyo decline that saw the end of Yogurtland and others has reached 16 Handles, which is now closed at 1309 Beacon St., according to Patch.

The name of the New York City-based frozen yogurt shop is inspired by the 1980s John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles, and it’s known for its surplus of yogurt flavors (including vegan and gluten-free options) and nearly endless toppings ranging from fruit to candy, cookies, and syrups.

Brookline’s 16 Handles opened in January of 2013 at the height of frozen yogurt ascendancy in Boston, which also saw a boom of national chains like Pinkberry, Yogurtland, and others.

Within the last year, as a juice wave washed over the city, many of those same froyo chains shuttered, leaving local places like JP Licks in command of the local ice cream and yogurt world.

The Coolidge Corner location of 16 Handles is no longer listed on the company website, and there are no other locations in Massachusetts, though others remain open in the New York area and in Florida.

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