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Back Bay Gelato Shop Eyes Cambridge Expansion for Rose-Shaped Scoops

Amorino could open in Harvard Square

Amorino Gelato
Amorino Gelato

A dessert shop in Back Bay known for serving cones of gelato scooped to look like roses is working towards opening a location in Cambridge: Amorino is pursuing a shop in Harvard Square (50 JFK St.), as Boston Restaurant Talk reported.

Back in February, the Harvard Crimson first reported on the planned expansion, which was in its early stages. At the time, the shop had been slated for a summer 2017 opening.

The gelato-focused shop is part of a chain that got its start in Paris in 2002. Lea Sasportes, who owns the Back Bay location and previously managed locations in Paris, opened the shop in 2015. In February 2017, she told the Crimson that she had been previously eyeing Harvard Square for the first United States location, but Newbury Street had more available spaces at the time.

Now, the Harvard Square location may soon come to pass as Sasportes works through the process of securing permits and finalizing plans. Zoning plans for the city of Cambridge confirm the chain’s pursuit of the JFK Street storefront, which was the longtime home of Berk’s Shoes.

Amorino serves a variety of flavors of sorbet and gelato, plus macarons, crepes, and other pastries, coffees, and frappes.

Crepes and waffles at Amorino
Crepes and waffles at Amorino

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Amorino (Back Bay)

249 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116 Visit Website

Amorino (Harvard Square)

50 JFK St., Cambridge, MA 02138 Visit Website