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Revere Might Be Getting a New Thai Restaurant This Winter

Rice Passions hopes to replace Maekha Thai on Squire Road

Maekha Thai
Maekha Thai

Revere could be getting a new Thai restaurant called Rice Passions this winter, according to recently created Instagram and Twitter accounts — and confirmed by an official at the Revere License Commission.

Fonthip S., the manager of the germinal restaurant, said that Rice Passions will be replacing Maekha Thai at 163 Squire Rd. An official with the city’s license commission confirmed this, saying that representatives from Rice Passions have made preliminary contact with the commission regarding the transfer of Maekha Thai’s liquor license, though no papers have been filed officially. Fonthip S. told Eater via email that Rice Passions will have a full bar, which means that the transfer of that liquor license is crucial.

Maekha Thai closed in late October due to the owner’s health issues. According to the restaurant’s announcement of the closure on Facebook, the transition to Rice Passions is expected to move fairly quickly and may “carry on the life of [Maekha Thai’s] recipes and traditions,” but the menu will get updated.

While plans for the restaurant are solidified, keep an eye on the Rice Passions Instagram page for updates as well as photos of a variety of dishes from other restaurants around town, such as chicken satay from the newly opened Som Tum Modern Thai Cuisine in West Roxbury.

Rice Passions

163 Squire Rd., Revere, MA 02151