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Pikaichi Leaves Its Allston Home Next Month

The ramen destination will close December 17 but plans to find a new location

Pikaichi Ramen
Pikaichi Ramen

A popular restaurant in Allston that specializes in ramen and other Japanese dishes closes down next month. Pikaichi (1 Brighton Ave.) shared the news of its impending closure on its website, noting that it is leaving its Allston home due to increased rent, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.

Pikaichi has been in business for seven years, situated within the building that houses Super 88 and the Hong Kong Market. It is known for its selection of ramen — including shoyu, miso, and shio styles — along with its curry rice dishes and donburi rice bowls.

“It has been an honor to be part of the local ramen scene for so long,” a message on the restaurant’s website reads. “Your loyal business and support is one of the main reasons why we have grown so much over the years.”

Pikaichi does plan to relocate, though the location is not yet solidified.

Stay tuned to Pikaichi’s Facebook page and website for further updates on its relocation plans, and in the meantime, head over for a final bowl of ramen on or before closing day — Sunday, December 17. It’ll only be open for lunch service that day (11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

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