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Zia Gianna Will Open in Dorchester This Saturday

Chef Nino Barbalace brings the food of his native Sicily to Dorchester Avenue

Nonna’s Pie Zia Gianna
Nonna’s Pie at Zia Gianna

Beginning this Saturday, Dorchester residents will be able to snack on Sicilian sandwiches and baked goods and sip on cappuccinos and other Italian coffee drinks. Zia Gianna (1739 Dorchester Ave.) is throwing an opening party from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and will be serving pastries, lunch, and coffee. So much coffee.

Zia Gianna
Cappuccino at Zia Gianna

Zia Gianna owner and chef Nino Barbalace is a coffee obsessive, and he is excited to bring Dorchester residents variations on cappuccino and espresso drinks inspired from flavors from his home in Messina, a Sicilian city in Italy. Barbalace also plans to serve other Messina specialties like arancini and scacciata. And though Zia Gianna is a dry restaurant for now, Barbalace would like to include Sicilian wines and spritzes on the menu someday.

“I am so excited to offer Dorchester a true Sicilian culinary experience,” Barbalace said in an emailed statement. “I want people to come to Zia Gianna with their friends and families and experience what it’s like to take the time to enjoy a coffee, a pastry, or maybe a Sicilian-inspired breakfast sandwich made with a traditional Brioscia bread. I think the colors and layout of the space will facilitate a friendly atmosphere where Bostonians can meet others, chat with me, and enjoy high-quality, homemade Sicilian foods.”

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Zia Gianna

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