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Trillium Brings a Winter Beer Garden to Roslindale Later This Month

It will operate in the Roslindale Substation

Roslindale Substation, home to CBC
Roslindale Substation

Fans of Trillium’s summertime beer garden on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, fret not: A winter version of the pop-up is on the way to the Roslindale Substation, beginning later this month and running all the way until April 2018.

Trillium recently teased the news on social media, sharing a photo of the substation before quickly erasing all traces of it, as Boston Magazine reported. The Fort Point brewing company told Eater it did not yet have specifics to share, and now, according to Roslindale Village Main Street, the beloved brewery will bring new life to the historical space through the winter.

The substation was built in 1911 and recently renovated. A restaurant called Third Rail from Chris Douglass (Ashmont Grill, Tavolo) was slated to open within the space, but word came out in September that plans had fallen through.

Trillium will add to the existing beer presence within the substation, which is already home to a location of Craft Beer Cellar. The indoor winter beer garden will operate five days a week, with additional pop-ups from artists and musicians in the community.

An announcement from Roslindale Village Main Street tells how the organization sought out Trillium to fill the space based on its track record of “working in partnership with food, arts, and cultural pop-up events in non-traditional spaces.”

“Where Trillium goes, its fans follow,” the organizations executive director, Alia Hamada Forrest, said in the announcement. “I’m eager to welcome the newcomers that will discover Roslindale’s existing mix of vibrant restaurants and retail options, and hope that these types of creative partnerships continue to spark across all of Boston Main Street districts.”

Roslindale will also get a brewery of its own when Distraction Brewing Company moves onto Belgrade Avenue next year.

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Trillium Garden at the Substation

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Distraction Brewing Company

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Trillium Brewing Company

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