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The Critics Ate M’anoush and Bagels This Week

At Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen and Davis Square Donuts and Bagels

Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen
Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen

Sofra Meets Sweetgreen

The Boston Globe’s Devra First stops in for a bite at Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen, where flatbreads and grain bowls are on the menu, drawing from restaurateur Nina Festekjian’s Armenian and Lebanese heritage. The headliner of Anoush’ella is the m’anoush, or flatbread, which gets stuffed with everything from hummus and eggplant to hardboiled eggs, vegetables, za’atar chicken, lamb meatballs and more, before getting rolled into sandwiches. There’s also fattoush salad, tabbouleh, and selections of mezze like pickled turnips and hummus with braised beef.

Like It’s Been Here Forever

The Globe’s Kara Baskin checks out Davis Square Hand Crafted Donuts & Bagels and finds a familiar feel, even though the shop is relatively new. The “line extends to the door, filled with folks debating bagel orders,” and the possibilities are numerous, including doughnuts, bagels, bagel sandwiches, omelets, and more. There are vegan options, assorted standard cream cheese spreads, and Peet’s Coffee beverages galore. Breakfast eases into lunch with items like tuna sandwiches and hummus with lettuce and cheese, and the doughnuts take on flavors like fruity pebbles and Nutella.

It’s Like Sofra and Sweetgreen Had a Baby [BG]
Davis Square Hand Crafted Donuts and Bagels Already Feels Like an Old Favorite [BG]


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