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Chinatown Has a New Juice Bar That Serves Milk Tea and Boba

Beantown Juice and Tea is up and running

Beantown Juice and Tea
Beantown Juice and Tea
Yelp/Karen W.

A new juice bar in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood has connections to a sushi restaurant nearby. Beantown Juice and Tea, now in operation at 32 Kneeland St., is run by the same people who operate Irashai Sushi at 8 Kneeland St., an employee reached at the restaurant confirmed on Monday morning.

Beantown Juice and Tea serves a standard menu of juices, smoothies, and milk teas with boba. Drinks range from the Just Beet It (apple, beet, lemon, ginger, pineapple, and carrot) to the grapefruit green tea, and there are customizations available for the milk tea beverages.

Customers can choose from tapioca boba, herbal jelly, pudding jello, and lychee jelly, and there are two sizes for beverages, ranging in price from $5 to $7.50. The juice shop also offers an acai bowl topped with granola, banana, and seasonal fruit.

The Beantown Juice and Tea space was previously home to Juice Republic, which opened in 2015, also serving juice and bubble tea.

Beantown Juice and Tea

32 Kneeland St., Boston, MA 02111