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Terrence B. Doyle IN as Eater Boston Reporter

The team welcomes a new member

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We’re thrilled to announce that Terrence B. Doyle has joined the Eater Boston team as reporter. Keep an eye out for his news stories, maps, and more.

Previously an associate web editor at America’s Test Kitchen, Doyle has also written for Munchies (Vice’s food website), Deadspin, FiveThirtyEight, Taste, and more.

A native of Massachusetts’ North Shore, Doyle lived in Paris for two years, where he ate approximately one croissant a day and managed the Marc Jacobs bookstore (yes, it’s called Bookmarc.) Also on the European food front, he’d be happy to live in Naples and subsist on pizza from Lombardi a Santa Chiara. His love of pizza is so strong that he even has a pizza tattoo by Italian legend Luca Font. “If you're gonna get a pizza tattoo, best to let an Italian do it,” says Doyle.

Other food tidbits: Doyle used to hate mangoes and will never forgive himself for all those missed mango-eating opportunities. He has a soft spot for Chicken McNuggets (“Anthony Bourdain can screw off,” he says) and organ meat. In the kitchen, he’s impatient and imprecise; don’t ask him to bake.

Outside of food, Doyle is obsessed with the National Hockey League.

Follow Doyle on Twitter or reach him by email. And don’t forget to hit up the Eater Boston tipline to reach the whole Boston team with news tips and questions about the local food scene.