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The Independent Makes Triumphant Renovated Return to Somerville

The Union Square restaurant has been closed for nearly two months

The Independent
The Independent

A restaurant and bar in Somerville’s Union Square returns this week after nearly two months spent closed for renovations. When The Independent reopens at 75 Union Sq. on Wednesday, October 4, it will feature refinished bar tops and woodwork, including new wood floors, plus new furniture and lighting fixtures.

The restaurant, which has been around for 16 years and is a member of the Independent Restaurant Group, also has a new sound system. It will continue to serve its familiar lineup of craft beers, classic cocktails, and comfort food.

A new management team debuts this week as well, including a lineup of professionals who bring to the Independent years at restaurants around the Boston area. General manager Matt Alvey’s previous experience includes the Independent’s sibling restaurant, River Bar, along with Redbones and the newly updated East Coast Grill. Assistant general manager Tania Von Magnus (Babbo, Lucca, Shepard) joins Alvey, along with bar manager Ándrea Pentabona (The Hawthorne, Woods Hill Table, Uni; Eater Boston contributor) and executive chef Shayne Nunes, who brings the Independent into his purview alongside Foundry on Elm and Saloon, two of the group’s restaurants in Davis Square.

“We are still the same Indo; we’re still a place for everyone in the neighborhood to eat, drink, and hang out,” the group’s COO Jess Willis said in a release. “Hopefully people will find that the improved space feels a little more comfortable, warmer, more inviting. We want to serve the greater Somerville community for many years to come.”

Brass Union, also in Union Square, is another member of the Independent’s restaurant family. Look out for the Independent’s return on Wednesday this week.

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The Independent

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