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Quincy’s Clash of the Ash Space Could Become Contemporary American Restaurant

Boston restaurant veteran Mat Freid is excited to be a part of the booming South Shore dining scene

clash of the ash
The Clash of the Ash closed in January. Mat Freid is transforming it into a contemporary American restaurant.

Boston restaurant veteran Mat Freid plans to open a new restaurant in the former Clash of the Ash space in Quincy (1464 Hancock St.) next year. Freid has been in Boston for a decade and has worked just about every front-of-the-house job one could work at some of the Hub’s most beloved restaurants (jm Curley, the Beehive, Capo). Now he’s looking forward to seeing what the South Shore has to offer — and to do his own thing.

“I’m excited to do something for myself,” Freid told Eater, “and there’s a lot of growth opportunity in Quincy. It’s a really cool area that’s been overlooked, but people are starting to take notice.”

The menu will consist of contemporary American cuisine with some inspiration borrowed from different international cuisines. Freid said the sale of the building is still pending and that’s it’s predicated on the transfer of the Clash of the Ash’s liquor license. The bar was closed by the city in January after a number of incidents involving minors being served alcohol.

Freid is working with a designer and graphic artist to “dial in what the vibe is going to be” at his forthcoming restaurant.

“I’ve had a bunch of concepts in mind over the years, but there’s always that question: What comes first, the space or the concept?” said Freid. “Well, I love this space, and we're gonna figure it out.”

At the moment, the restaurant is listed under the name Triumph. That’s just a placeholder, said Freid.

“My lawyer called me and was like, ‘Mat, we legally need a name for this place. What’s the name?’ I ride a Triumph, so I went with that. But it’s only temporary because I needed a name to file paperwork.”

Freid’s family business was wholesale liquor distribution, and he said he always wanted to work in restaurants.

“I'm sure it's a bit cliché, but this is the life dream.”

Keep an eye out for Freid’s restaurant at 1464 Hancock St. in Quincy in 2018.