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Beta Burger Reopens After Temporary Closure for Failing to Renew Common Victualler License [Updated]

It had been closed since August

Beta Burger
Beta Burger was closed by the Licensing Board for failing to renew their Common Victualler License

A note posted to Beta Burger’s Instagram last week but dated August 18 revealed that the restaurant has been shut down by the Licensing Board of the City of Boston. The note, which was addressed to the residents of Mission Hill, hinted at a contentious past between the restaurant and the city. Here’s the full text:

August 18, 2017

Dear Mission Hill Residents,

We are closed enforce[sic] by the City of Boston due to permitting issues. Since opening in 2015 we have had problems getting our final permit from the City of Boston and this Friday August 18th, the City decided to shut us down.

Now this may suck temporarily but we are working very hard to sort this out and get back up and running as soon as possible. Don’t count us out! I apologize in the meantime you are not able to get some delicious burgers but very soon, very soon. We appreciate your continuing support.


Adrian Wong

Beta Burger was actually shut down by the Licensing Board on August 8 for failure to renew its Common Victualler License. Wong told Eater he “had every intention to renew the license but just couldn’t get it done fast enough.”

A city official told Eater that representatives from Beta Burger failed to appear at a hearing on August 8, which was meant to address both the expired Common Victualler License and an expired temporary Inspection Certificate.

Wong said the permanent certification has been difficult to obtain due to an issue in Beta Burger’s electrical room. He expressed frustration with the whole process.

“It’s a tough predicament for a small business to be in,” Wong told Eater. “Especially being shut down for two months.”

Beta Burger remains closed at the moment. A disciplinary hearing scheduled for October 24 will determine whether the burger joint can reopen.

This story will be updated when new information becomes available.

Update, October 11, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.: Wong tells Eater that there was no August 8 hearing and that he attended another hearing with the Licensing Board on August 14.

Update, October 27: Beta Burger reopens today with an updated menu.

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Beta Burger

1437 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120 (626) 607-6029