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Revere Updates: Philly Pretzel Factory and Brewin Cafe

New spots for the North Shore

Philly Pretzel in Revere
Philly Pretzel in Revere

A Philadelphia-based pretzel purveyor will soon have an outpost on the North Shore. Philly Pretzel Factory is set to open in Revere this week, according to the Revere Journal, bringing a wide assortment of doughy treats to the neighborhood.

The franchise has a grand opening scheduled for Friday, January 13 at 4 Squire Rd., complete with free pretzels. Philly Pretzel Factory has been around since 1998, and its menu features soft pretzels made from scratch in various forms, including pretzel rods, dipping pretzels, and pretzel dogs, among other offerings.

Down the road at 311 Broadway, there’s a fairly new cafe in business. Brewin Cafe is now up and running, serving a selection of cafe fare, including bagels, breakfast sandwiches, salads, and wraps. There are also baked goods, including coffee cake, banana bread, and whoopie pies, along with brewed coffee beverages.

Philly Pretzel to Open New Store on Squire Rd Coming to Revere [RJ]

Brewin Cafe

311 Broadway, Revere, MA 02151 (781) 286-2600 Visit Website

Philly Pretzel Factory

4 Squire Rd., Revere, MA 02151 (781) 289-8700 Visit Website