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Bee’s Knees Supply Co. Is Closed in Fort Point

The company’s woes continue

Bee’s Knees in Fort Point
Bee’s Knees in Fort Point

Months after a specialty goods store shut down its Allston location, the original spot in Fort Point has followed suit. Bee’s Knees Supply Company at 12 Farnsworth St. has been seized by the state for nonpayment of taxes, as Boston Restaurant Talk reported.

There is now a sign posted in the window of the business indicating the seizure, as Jeremy Krantz noted on Twitter, and Bee’s Knees is now in the possession of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Allston location closed in July 2016 after less than a year in business, and initial feedback from the company suggested that the closure was only temporary to allow for renovations to the space, as previously reported. However, those renovations have not yet come to pass, and with the subsequent closure of Bee’s Knees in Fort Point, the resurgence of the spot is increasingly less likely.

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Bee's Knees Supply Company

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