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Blackbird Doughnuts Is Expanding in Boston [Updated]

Fenway, get ready

Blackbird Doughnuts, South End
Blackbird Doughnuts, South End

A doughnut shop in Boston’s South End is adding a second location in the Boston area. Blackbird Doughnuts has developed plans for a new space and recently shared a peek of what’s to come on its social media pages.

The new spot will feature brick walls, walnut countertops, a large hanging menu behind the counter, and a birdcage chandelier like the one in the South End store, according to the posted plans.

let's play ball.

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Owner Rebecca Roth Gullo told Eater she is not yet sharing additional information on the new space, but a comment on Instagram from chef Tiffani Faison of Tiger Mama and Sweet Cheeks hints that Blackbird might be headed for the Fenway neighborhood. State filings also show that Gullo has registered an LLC under the name RRG Fenway.

Blackbird Doughnuts first opened in January 2015, bringing colorful, icing-topped treats to the South End. In a short two years, it has grown quite a following, even attracting stars like Adele and routinely selling out before close, a la Bagelsaurus. Rumors of a second spot surfaced last September, and plans for the new shop are now moving forward.

The doughnut shop is a sibling to two restaurants, The Gallows and Banyan Bar + Refuge, and with a new shop in the works, the family will grow even more doughy. Blackbird joins another local doughnut shop in the expansion department: Somerville’s Union Square Donuts just opened an outpost in Brookline, near Coolidge Corner.

Update, 3/9/17: The new Blackbird Doughnuts is indeed slated for Fenway — 20 Kilmarnock St., to be exact, per a tweet from the Boston Herald’s Donna Goodison, citing licensing information. The location is right around the corner from Tiger Mama.

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