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More Rolled Ice Cream Is Headed for Boston [Updated]

Courtesy of a New York cafe

Juicy Spot Cafe in New York
Juicy Spot Cafe in New York

A New York-based dessert shop known for its colorful and decadent Thai-style rolled ice cream treats may be bringing those sweet creations to Boston. Juicy Spot Cafe operates two locations in New York City, one on the Lower East Side and one in Chinatown, and now it could add another in Boston’s Chinatown. [Juicy Spot is coming here; see update below.]

Juicy Spot is known for serving a handful of pre-set rolled ice cream combos and offers customizable rolls with assorted base flavors and toppings, plus salads, acai bowls, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and coffee and tea. An Instagram post from a local food photographer hints that Juicy Spot has its sights set on Boston, and state filings indicate that the rolled ice cream spot is looking into a space at 16 Tyler St.

Another spot that specializes in rolled ice cream has been up and running in Allston since last August. When it first opened, Hi B3ar attracted huge crowds that were drawn in by the mesmerizing process of rolling out the frozen treat. While Juicy Spot is one of many similar concepts in New York City (like 10Below, I CE NY, and Frozen Sweet), its potential expansion here would add to the paltry supply of rolled ice cream in the Boston area. Hi B3ar was the first ice cream roll shop of its kind in Boston proper, though a kiosk called Frollz has operated at the Square One Mall in Saugus since January 2016.

Rolled ice cream from Juicy Spot Cafe
Rolled ice cream from Juicy Spot

Update 1/23, 11 a.m.: Juicy Spot will indeed be coming to the Boston area, proprietor Lori Eng confirmed to Eater. The Boston location “will definitely consist of our ice cream rolls in addition to beverages,” she said in an email, and an official opening date will be coming soon.

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