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Roadies Diner Will Soon Hit the Boston Streets With Bulgogi Beef Tacos, Jambalaya, and More

It’s been quiet on the food truck front lately, but here comes a new one

William De Filippis and Erica Pratico of Roadies Diner
William De Filippis and Erica Pratico of Roadies Diner

It’s been a few years since the Boston food truck heyday; around 2014-2015, there was news of yet another new truck hitting the road almost weekly. Nowadays, it’s still easy enough to find food trucks in and around Boston, but there aren’t too many new ones launching — just the usual popular trucks making the rounds, serving up chicken & rice, Double Awesomes, noodle salads, tortas, and the like. But now, a new-to-Boston truck is joining the fleet: Roadies Diner, which vended around New York’s Hudson Valley for a year before making the move to Massachusetts.

Operating out of the Stock Pot Malden shared commercial kitchen/culinary incubator, Roadies Diner (once a Wonder Bread delivery truck) is currently undergoing the permitting process with the aim of getting on the road early this year. Owners William De Filippis and Erica Pratico, who met at the French Culinary Institute in New York and both have varied backgrounds in the food industry and beyond, describe the truck as “an international diner with a focus on Latin American cuisine,” per the Roadies Diner website. Stock Pot Malden describes the truck as “rock ‘n’ roll diner street food.”

Prior to launching the truck together, De Filippis and Pratico created a company called Brooklyn Bean in 2011, selling frozen products, heirloom beans, and prepared burritos, soups, and more at farmers markets in New York City.

Using local and organic ingredients when possible, Roadies Diner has previously served dishes such as Cuban sandwiches, duck and pork egg rolls, fried chicken sandwiches, jambalaya, fried cod tacos, bulgogi beef tacos, and lots more.

Roadies Diner joins North East of the Border, Gogi on the Block, Morning Salute, and a number of other food trucks and small food businesses that are based at Stock Pot Malden. Lots of Stock Pot alums have gone on to expand significantly, such as Stoked Pizza, which now has a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Brookline (and still operates its truck); Taco Party, which also continues to operate its truck as well as a restaurant in Somerville’s Ball Square; and The Chicken & Rice Guys, which has three restaurants, a Prudential Center pop-up, and multiple trucks.

Roadies Diner chicken banh mi
Roadies Diner chicken banh mi

Roadies Diner [Official Site]
Roadies Diner [Instagram]

Stock Pot Malden

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