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Yume Wo Katare Expands to Tokyo

The Cambridge ramen shop has a new location

Yume Wo Katare in Tokyo
Yume Wo Katare in Tokyo

A ramen shop in the heart of Porter Square (1923 Massachusetts Ave.) has reached new distances: Yume Wo Katare recently opened a location in Tokyo, bringing the same menu to Japan that it serves in Cambridge.

The shop takes ramen to heart: It is not just a food, but also a metaphor for accomplishing goals, and one of the shop’s goals it to expand its reach worldwide, starting in Japan.

“Our mission here is to open up a place where people can come and share their dreams,” per a message from the restaurant sent to Eater. “Our goal is to open up Yume Wo Katare around college universities to help students figure out what their dreams are and pursue it.” The new location is situated near the University of Tokyo.

The ramen shop strives to be a place where diners can realize their dreams, and the walls are filled with frames that display customers’ reflections.

Yume Wo Katare does more than just ramen: There’s also an official album, which carries the themes of the restaurant into music. Tracks include Express Your Dream, Think on a Global Scale, and Carve Your Own History.

Update: The history of Yume Wo Katare actually stretches back more than a decade to Japan. The first shop debuted in Kyoto back in 2006, followed by five sister restaurants with different names. All were ultimately sold to managers before founder Tsuyoshi Nishioka brought Yume Wo Katare to Cambridge.

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Yume Wo Katare

1923 Massachusetts Avenue, , MA 02140