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Chicago’s Yolk Could Expand to Boston With Breakfast Galore

The owner is considering an expansion to the East Coast

Inside a Yolk restaurant
Inside a Yolk restaurant

A Chicago-area restaurant that specializes in breakfast food has an expansion in the works, and Boston is on the list of potential destinations. Yolk is a beloved breakfast spot with multiple locations in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Dallas/Fort Worth. It has been around since 2006, and now its founder Taki Kastanis is working on bringing the concept to other metro areas around the country, according to the Chicago Tribune.

One possible expansion location is Boston, as Boston Restaurant Talk reported, though the timing of the restaurant’s arrival is not set in stone. Kastanis told the Tribune the next steps for Yolk this year include opening a third restaurant in Indiana and opening the first Florida location.

Beyond that, he has ideas to roll out cafe-like versions of Yolk with counter ordering and table delivery, plus express versions for train stations and other grab-and-go spaces. He told the Tribune he was eyeing Boston, New York, and Washington, DC for the cafe locations of Yolk.

True to its name, Yolk serves a wide range of egg dishes like Benedicts, omelets, and scrambles, along with French toast, crepes, waffles, oatmeal, and much more.

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