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Salamander’s Cafe Closes After Just Eight Months [UPDATE]

Legal notices are posted in the window

Salamander’s Cafe

A Hyde Park cafe that served breakfast and lunch has closed down. Salamander’s Cafe, which opened at 1231 River St. in January this year after having relocated from East Boston, is now shuttered with legal notices displayed in the windows, as Universal Hub reported.

One of the signs read: "These premises have been vacated per order of the District Court," and there is another sign indicating an execution for possession of non-residential property.

Mercedes Pica, the owner of Salamander's, relocated the cafe to its current location earlier this year after applying for and securing a license in December 2015. Salamander's Cafe served assorted breakfast and lunch items like omelettes, burritos, smoothies, coffee beverages, and more.

Eater has reached out to learn more details on the reasons behind the closure and will post any updates as they are made available.

Update, 9/8 12:30 p.m.: Owner Mercedes Pica told Eater she fell behind in rent for the cafe and is currently looking for the money to reopen and for investor options.

Hyde Park cafe shut barely eight months after it opened [UH]