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Hopsters Tells the World What It Really Thinks of Trump

One of the brewpub’s beers has a shiny new name

Nick DiNatale for Eater

These days, clever names for beers are everywhere — from Hoptimus Prime to Dark de Triomphe — and one local brewpub decided to go political with its latest release. Hopsters in Newton brewed a bourbon barrel-aged Belgian tripel and christened it "Trump Sucks Ass" following this week’s presidential debate and will sell it for a whopping $1, "just so we can hear you say the name."

The post on Facebook prompted some mixed feelings shared in the comments. One person responded to the one-beer limit, writing: "Fine. Limit of one. But can I get a Trump Sucks Ass Large? Or. Trump Sucks Yuge Ass?" Another took issue with the brewpub's political leanings: "Great marketing plan. Your [sic] going to alienate half of your potential drinkers." (The response from Hopsters: "Was that advise [sic] for me or for Trump on women?")

While the recent events of the 2016 presidential campaign prompted the naming of this new beer, the political sources of inspiration for alcoholic beverages go back years. Some recent highlights: In 2004, Oregon’s Portland Brewing Co. debuted a Governator Ale after Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California; the White House brewed its first beer, a White House Honey Ale, in 2011 under President Barack Obama; and earlier this year, Vermont’s Zero Gravity Brewing cooked up the Bernie Weisse.

Hopsters joins Chicago’s Spiteful Brewing in expressing disdain for the Republican presidential candidate — Spiteful brewed a beer named Dumb Donald with a label depicting Trump as a Neanderthal.

And Hopsters isn't the first local establishment to get a word in about this election cycle either: Earlier this year, Legal Sea Foods released a series of ads mocking candidates, including a particularly misogynistic one aimed at Hillary Clinton.

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